Our commitment

Our mission is to empower Canadians to form a greater connection with their food by providing nutritious and delicious home-cooked meals featuring locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. We’re doing this while minimizing our impact on the planet and investing in our community.

Here’s how:

We’re helping feed Canadian children.

Every morning, hundreds of thousands of Canadian children are at risk of going to school without a healthy breakfast to help them start the day. At Goodfood, we believe every child should have access to nutritious and delicious meals to support them in their learning and development.

Consider these stats:

  • In Canada, 1 in 3 children is at risk of going to school hungry
  • Breakfast Club of Canada helps reach over 580,000 children in over 3,500 school nutrition programs across Canada
  • The Club helps reach over 47,000 children in over 380 programs in Indigenous communities

That’s why we’ve been partnering with the Breakfast Club of Canada since 2016 to help fight food insecurity and feed the potential of thousands of children across the country.

For years, our team members (including co-founders, Jonathan and Neil) have been volunteering in schools by preparing and serving students with nutritious breakfasts, including cereal, fresh fruit and yogurt. We’ve also donated $431,000 since 2017, which works out to 862,000 breakfasts for Canadian children!

“As the impacts of inflation continue to be felt in all aspects of life, the support from partners like Goodfood is becoming increasingly important for the Club,” explained Paul Lethbridge, Director, Corporate and Community Giving at Breakfast Club of Canada. “Our goal is to provide consistent and lasting support to breakfast programs across the country. Goodfood’s generosity and dedication to the cause help us to ensure that children can access nutritious food and reach their full potential.”

And it’s not only our team that contributes to this great cause —our members do too! Every Goodfood order you place makes it possible for us to help feed a child in need in a community we serve.

We love local.

We prioritize sourcing our ingredients from Canadian farms because we know that local food is fresher (in our case, about seven days fresher than what you’ll find at the grocery store!), more nutritious and less heavily packaged. And we know that by sourcing locally, we’re supporting the economies where our valued customers live and work. Currently, we have 36 Canadian supplier partners located in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

We’re focused on reducing food waste.

Food waste is a 20 billion dollar a year issue in Canada —almost 2.3 million tonnes of edible food is wasted annually.

The average Canadian household throws out 140 kilograms of wasted food every year, worth $1,300. And over 58% of food produced in Canada is thrown out every year. Much of that occurs when grocery stores throw out food that hasn’t been purchased by customers.

We’re passionate about doing our part to reduce this waste for the good of our planet and to help our customers save their hard-earned money by:

  • Including perfectly-portioned ingredients in our meal kits. You get exactly what you need and nothing more.
  • Partnering with Canadian suppliers based on a just-in-time ordering system. This minimizes the amount of time that passes between harvest and delivery. In most cases, the produce you receive in your Goodfood meal kit was harvested just three or four days ago!

We’ve made sustainability a top priority.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. In fact, meal kit delivery generates 33% fewer carbon emissions than shopping at a grocery store. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

GF infographic EN

We’ve set a goal that 100% of our packaging will be either recyclable or compostable in the near future. To that end, we’re regularly working on new packaging solutions that will ensure our ingredients arrive at their freshest and stay that way for as long as possible, while having a gentle impact on the planet.

About our packaging


  • Our boxes are made from 83% recycled fibres.
  • They are curbside recyclable.
  • Fun fact: We recently reduced the size of the box, making it lighter and more easily portable.

Box liners:

  • Our box liners are made with at least 73% recycled fibres.
  • They are curbside recyclable.
  • Fun fact #1: They are water and grease resistant thanks to a food-safe water-based coating that is completely plastic-free.
  • Fun fact #2: They reduce our plastic use by 21 metric tonnes, which is roughly equivalent to the weight of three elephants!

Vent pads:

  • Our vent pads are made from 83% recycled fibres.
  • They are curbside recyclable.
  • Fun fact: They have recently been re-designed to improve surface coverage, with smaller air holes located towards the perimeter of the box. This prevents the delicate produce in the recipe bags from coming in contact with the ice at the bottom.